The IntelMark AS-W series of marking machine is designed for slab, billet or bloom marking by special high-temperature MCL metal tags. 

The MCL high-temperature metal tags were introduced in USA in 1983 to enable manufacturers in the primary metals industries to reliably identify and track their products.  Now standard throughout the steel and aluminum industries, our MCL barcode metal tags can do even more than before.

MCL tags are made of stainless steel with a thickness of 0.2 mm and covered with a layer of special ceramics that changes color when exposed to the laser beam. Tags can contain text, barcodes, matrix 2D-codes, logos and any other information that may be needed for marking and identification of metal. MCL metal tags withstand very high temperatures (up to 1200°C), resistant to mechanical damages, adverse weather conditions, acids and alkalis. Information applied to the tag may be stored up to 50 years without degradation of its properties.

To attach the tag to steel surface IntelMark AS-W machine use MIG/MAG welding  or spot welding method, which provide high reliability and quality of attachment; product with attached tag can go through typical mill operations, without tag damaging.

The system can mark both cold and hot steel, including products immediatelly after casting, with a temperature be marked surface up to 1200ºC.

The IntelMark AS-W operates 100% unassisted, requiring only occasional tag and welding wire refilling and normal maintenance. It was designed to operate in line, in the extremely harsh and unfriendly environment of steel melting shops. 

Marking machine can be based on steel constructions with pneumatic or electro-mechanical arrangements, as well as on the basis of industrial robot and include industrial laser printer for tag printing, specially designed welding source and tag attaching tool with 3D scanning system in order to measure the real size of the product (to calculate the geometrical center) and scan the barcode after tagging.  
The 3D scanner is one of the most critical components in the overall system resides within the marking head of the machine.  The 3D scanner is the component that allows our system to be so flexible and is really what gives the automated system its best-in-class reliability. 3D scanning system mounted on the marking head provides precision position/orientation end-detection, allowing for: 
  • Exact location of the position of the product in 3D space
  • Accurate tagging regardless of product position variance in any direction (X, Y or Z)
  • Sense rough ends in order to intelligently adjust the final tag position
  • Automatically changes program based on product form (round or squared)
  • Provides real-time tag placement verification
  • Used as a collision avoidance sensor to prevent robot crashes with unexpected intrusions
Simple and easy to implement interfaces are supplied to connect the machine to existing Level 2 automation systems. However, the IntelMark AS-W can also be used as a stand-alone system. A wide range of communication interfaces allows easy integrating the marking machine with the enterprise information system and receiving the appropriate marking information in real time. 


  • IntelMark AS-N marking machine
  • IntelTag Industrial printer
  • IntelScan optical recognition system
  • SLABTRACE tracking solution



Type of marking high-temperature metal tags
Type of tag attaching MIG/MAG welding or spot welding
Tag length from 9mm to 640mm
Tag width from 4 to 240 mm
Number of characters per row depends on tag size
Character height depends on tag size
Marking cycle 18-20 sec
Characters set cyrillic, latin, chinese characters, numbers, graphical logos, barcodes, 2D matrix codes
Power supply about 10 kWA
Air consumption about 5 bar, 10 Nm3/h
Supported interfaces ProfiBus, Modbus, Industrial Ethernet, TCP/IP, RS-232, RS-485
Moisture protection IP 67
Working load not less than 7500 hours per year
Life cycle not less than 10 years

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